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The number of children working in the streets of Kabul is underreported. UNICEF has estimated a total of 60,000 children working whereas the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commision (AIHRC) reported 100,000 children. Street children aren’t only orphans but children with families that send them out to become breadwinners. With the increasing drug problem and the violence of war, the family dynamic of these children are often at stake impacting one or more parent, forcing children to work. Working children are particularly vulnerable to sexual abuse, risk of trafficking, kidnapping and drug addiction.


At Read to Lead Afghanistan, we work individually with street children in ensuring that they’re enrolled in school and given the opportunity to thrive. The goal is to ensure children are no longer working on the streets at risk to vulnerable situations. Our Streets to School initiative consists of recreational, art and sponsorship programs.

Streets to Soccer

Learn how our players learned the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and respect. 

Read with Me

​Read how our program aims to enhance literacy and speaking skills for the children of Afghanistan.

Create with Me

Learn how our Art workshops helped children acquire incredible skills from each other.

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